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501 - 507 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria Island, Fl 34216

It was a great honor to be selected by Matterport as their Service Partner of choice to undertake this very unique project.

The Historic Green Village is one of only 100 developments worldwide that have achieved the highest possible green building standard - Platinum LEED, plus Net Zero Energy.


It is a collection of new and recycled old historic buildings, some relocated from their original sites elsewhere, compassionately restored, and powered completely by renewable energy, to create Florida’s first LEED Platinum and Zero Net Energy Retail Park.


In addition to Solar Power, all onsite air conditioning is cooled by pumping well water through a heat exchanger and all rain water run off is stored in bladders hidden under the patio for all grey water applications.

see for more info

The owners were in need of some advanced marketing materials to use online and their marketing company in England approached their local Matterport Service Partner, again in England, to scan the entire site both inside and out to provide a complete online 3D model. We were then approached by him through Matterport and selected as the best local Service Partner to produce this project.



The Client's ultimate goal was to have a 3D showcase which provided a guided tour of the LEED and Energy saving features. But there is one glaring problem. These features are all outdoors.


The Matterport System is designed to scan interior spaces not exterior ones. It uses Infrared light beams to measure all spaces around it precisely and this information builds the 3D Mesh and Point Cloud files which are the framework for the final model.


Daylight contains a lot of Infrared wavelengths and these interfere with the scanner so it wont know where it is and can't link to other scans. Therefore it can take 360º photographs only but without any location or distance data.

The only method supported officially by Matterport is to take 3D scans of internal spaces and 360º outside. We were asked to obtain any external 3D scans that were possible but if that could not be done then use 360's only externally.

We could have done just that. Scanned 3D internally and 360's outside and be done but I knew that as 360 scans cannot be linked together, navigating between them is not possible, so this would not have achieved the Clients goal of a guided linked tour.

I decided to go for only linked 3D scans, inside and out, as that was the only way to get the desired result.

That was fun..... We could only capture external 3D scans within one hour of sunrise. We had to pause after each scan to see if it had connected to the last one before taking the next and some individual scans took as many as a dozen tries before they would link. We also took some nighttime scans to form the basis of the point cloud then rescanned during the day to get the daytime images.


Basic statistics

Gross Site Area (approx) = 52,000sq. ft.

Gross Internal Areas (approx) = 11,500sq. ft.

Total Scans taken = 1103

Total Useable Scans = 720

Success, it works and we have achieved the Clients goal. This has now been passed onto the Client's Marketing team for final development. I added a few Mattertag to the Energy saving systems and the retail stores as a starting point. Over to them to pad it out with details and I look forward to seeing the final result.

Miniplan showing all Scans and their links

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