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Get your web site noticed
And convert click throughs into Contact button clicks



In today's digital age, it is essential for medical practitioners to have an online presence to attract potential clients. The online search is the first step taken by most clients when they look for medical services. Therefore, it is crucial to be visible and stand out in search engines and on Google Street View. In this document, we will explain how our services can help you improve your online presence, get more ‘Contact’ button clicks and increase your ranking on Google.

Nearly all potential new clients looking for any medical procedure will start with an online search. They will search for terms like ‘the best dentist in Any Town’ or narrow the field using searches like ‘highest reviewed implant dentist in ….’


These searches result in pages of sponsored ads, which most people skip past, followed by a list of providers, starting with those who Google's algorithms have decided most closely match the search, followed by pages and pages of other possible matches. As most people do not search past the first few pages, the closer your business is to the first page, the more links you will get.


You could pay for Google Ads or employ an expert SEO company to help push you towards the front, but these methods can cost tens of thousands of dollars and are not always effective. There is, however, one method you can use that will encourage Google to push you up the rankings organically and for comparatively little investment.


Getting noticed on Google and other search engines is just part of the battle. It’s an essential start because if you're not high enough up, no one will see your info or link to your website, but far more important are the contents of your website. If you’re not presenting the information people need in a clear and concise way, they will quickly click on to the next site, and all the effort taken to get them to click your site in the first place will be wasted.


Anyone looking for a new medical provider has one goal: to have ‘peace of mind’. To achieve this, they will be looking for the following information:


  • The qualifications and experience of the doctor.

  • The size of the practice, number of support staff, and the facilities available.

  • Any equipment used; is it old, up-to-date or cutting-edge?

  • The operating environment, is it clean, modern, comfortable, etc.


It is natural for people to be skeptical when they find that the same procedure costs much less in one location than another. They wonder how this is possible and assume that cuts are being made somewhere. As they click through the search results, they will be looking for answers to their concerns, and if they can’t find the reassurance they need, they will simply click on to the next site.


So how do we provide them with the reassurance they need, easily and in a cost-effective way, to ensure that they click the contact button instead of the next site?


Many practices describe their environment and the equipment they are using. While this helps a little, as they say, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words,’ and high-quality photographs are much more effective.


Professional Imagery has developed a unique service package that not only has been proven to improve your site retention and ‘Contact’ button click rate but also boosts your Google ranking.


What does it cost?

Let me ask you a question, How much would you pay someone who presented you with a pre-sold Client? A sales commission of 20%? A finders fee of 10%?


The Business Boost system will give you those pre-sold leads for only 3%.


Yes that’s right, We only ask for a 3% finders fee. 


If a new client pays you $10,000.00 for a full treatment you only need to pay us $300.00. For a $100.00 treatment it is only $3.00


There is a one off at cost fee of $1,495.00 to cover shooting and processing.

We offer a no questions asked full money back guarantee. Simply text or call to cancel at any time for a full refund.

High-quality photographs posted on your website immediately answer the concerns of potential patients, list the overall quality feel of your practice, and boost your search engine ranking.


The digital twin model allows viewers to move around freely within the public areas of your practice and to look around 360 degrees from any position. Essential or cutting-edge equipment is tagged with information about it and why it is important. This level of freedom, to move around and check out anything they want, gives the viewer confirmation that nothing is being hidden and any concerns they may have had totally evaporate.


In addition to embedding the photographs and digital twin on your website, we post them to Google Street View. This is the 'Secret Sauce,' the one trick that really boosts your ranking and brings a lot more attention.


Google 360 Virtual Tours (also known as Google Business View) are official Google content that utilizes the commonly used "Street View" technology of Google Maps to allow your patients to walk through and virtually "See Inside" your practice. It's interactive content that gives an amazing preview of the patient's experience at your location without having to physically be there. While you want your new patient to actually walk in through your doors, there are several advantages of a virtual tour of your practice.


86% of people look for a business on Google Maps. One of the most important things you can do for your business is to claim your Google Business Page. This is how Google will rank you, and it's how your customers will find you. Your business page accounts for 14% of your ranking power, so it's important that you claim your business and get your information up to date.


Additional benefits of having a Google 360 virtual tour photographed:


  • It will help show off the ambience, cleanliness, the number of treatment rooms you have, and state-of-the-art dental technology available at your dental practice, encouraging them to book an appointment.


  • It allows potential patients to get a feel of the environment with a sense of familiarity and comfort when they come to the practice. This is beneficial for those who have a fear of visiting the dentist.


  • The tours generate more new patient contact clicks and walk-in traffic for your practice simply because they are impressed with what they saw and have sufficient peace of mind to contact you.


  • By having the virtual tour photographed, it will enhance your placement on Google Search and Google Maps and will help you stand out from your competition.


It would be unethical of us to try to predict how many more patients this may or may not bring or how much additional money you will make. We can, however, share the experiences of 3 previous diverse clients.



Retina care Consultants

Dr. Thomas Scott Shane, MD

2 practices

Full photographic page and digital modeling with google business listings for each location

Total cost: $34,000.00   

I highly recommend Professional Imagery’s Service Package. Our initial investment was fully repaid within 6 weeks and we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries and booking every week. As a result we are planning our 3rd location. It’s a ‘no brainer’. Definitely the best R.O.I. I have ever got.

Home Town Desserts

Cake and Dessert shop

6 x 360 degree linked images 

Total Cost: $300.00  

I can’t believe that in the two years since you took our pictures that have had over 2 million views. We constantly have people coming into the store saying they saw us online and helped us to survive through the pandemic. 


Vacation Rental Property Company

6 Rental Properties

Full photographic page and digital modeling with google business listings for each location

Total Cost: $37,000.00   

We booked Professional Imagery to produce a full service package for each of our 6 vacation rental properties. To date we have received 154,188 Views from 8,058 unique visitors. Prior to this we were averaging around 78% occupancy. Since then we have been at a steady 98% occupancy. This is equal to additional rental income of $60,000.00 per year.  

The process is simple and minimally disruptive. All we need is a clean and tidy, vacant office during daylight hours if you have windows. It takes 2 to 3 hours for a complete shoot, so normally after closing in the late afternoon or on Sundays is the most convenient option.


Professional Imagery also supplies Environmental Head Shots. Instead of using a plain black or white background, the subject is placed in a background that is related to the work they do. For example, an X-ray technician next to or operating the X-ray machine, or a doctor standing in front of their wall-mounted certificates and qualifications. This technique produces images that are generally more friendly and increase the perceived professionalism of the subject.


Prices are as low as $25.00 per photo.


We are only in your area for a limited amount of time, and there are limited number of sessions available. They are filling up fast, so please act quickly to ensure your spot. Simply click the link below to secure your session



Power of media-rich listings

  • When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time

  • Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest

  • On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit

 Street View Study

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