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Jobsite Photo Documentation

Are you organizing thousands of jobsite photos to monitor project progress and communicate with stakeholders? Find out how construction managers are leveraging 3D scanning and 360˚ photography to reduce rework, increase trust with clients, and shorten field-to-finish time on projects of all sizes.

  • Take measurements from the 3D Space​ with 99% accuracy

  • Export point clouds, floor plans, and reflected ceiling plans to CAD/BIM programs ​such as AutoCAD and Revit

  • Tag the 3D Space to create visual punch lists and operation manuals

  • Link to specific spots in the 3D Space to communicate to stakeholders exactly where the problem is

Construction Progress Monitoring

9 Benefits of remote construction monitoring:

- Dispute Resolution -
- Theft Prevention- 
- Progress Monitoring -
- Issue Resolution -
- Cost Reduction- 
- Audit Trail Creation- 
- Regulatory Compliance -
- Subcontractor Management -

- Facilities Management -

Why You Should Monitor Your Construction Site

Construction sites are complex operations with multiple moving parts, teams, and dollars on the line. The need for accountability has never been greater, and with so much at stake and so much complexity to manage, many developers have turned to technology to ensure that work is completed on time, and up to code, and that construction teams remain accountable.

Furthermore, remote site monitoring not only allows developers to manage multiple sites efficiently, but it also empowers you to reduce risk, efficiently mediate disputes, verify work, and assure quality from anywhere. In this post, we’ve outlined some of the key ways that construction monitoring platforms can help you to create a more efficient and accountable jobsite across every project in your portfolio.


1. Dispute Resolution

2. Theft Prevention

3. Progress Monitoring

4. Issues Resolution 

5. Cost Reduction

6. Audit Trail Creation

7. Regulatory Compliance

8. Subcontractor Management

9. Facilities Management


Remote construction monitoring helps you to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. OnSiteIQ's 360° construction photo documentation platform makes it easy to monitor your sites remotely. Our team walks your site once a week so you can see it from anywhere. Sign up for a demo to see how OnSiteIQ will help you!

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