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Mark Brooker Lead Photographer


Way back in 1976 Mark Brooker's first step into photography was to obtain a job as a trainee darkroom technician with a top Advertising Agency in London, England.


That was the same year the first digital camera was invented by Kodak but still 10 years before the first digital SLR camera from Nikon. Everything back in 1976 was chemically processed under red light conditions. Unlike digital photography today, the number of shots that could be taken at each photo shoot was limited by time and cost. Processing each negative or transparency was done by hand and expensive, especially as the agency’s photographers used medium format Mamiya 6 x 7 cm film (approx. 2.36 x 2.27 inches).


This meant that the photographers basically had just one shot to get it right. Composition, focus, lighting, white balance and exposure all had to be perfect. The pressure was then on the darkroom technicians to develop these raw film masterpieces into the final transparencies or prints for each Client.


One wrong step in processing and the original could be ruined forever. The fix all software, Photoshop, was still 14 years away so every darkroom technician was highly trained in all darkroom processing techniques. Mark later became involved in taking some photo shoots and was trained as a Photographer with equal intensity as he was as a Darkroom Technician.

The fortunate result of this experience is that Mark received the best possible training in the Art, Skill and Techniques of Photography possible. The ‘get it right first time’ discipline led to an understanding of what the best shot is before it’s taken, and the ability get that shot.

Mark then worked as a Freelance Photographer or Assistant Photographer with many of the top world leading London based Photographers on all types of projects including Architecture, Interiors, Still Life, Portraiture, Fashion and Glamor.


Constant adaptation and the continual learning of new skills are essential to success in this digital age and Mark has become an expert in all aspects of digital photography. As well as the skill sets needed to utilize the latest digital SLR cameras, Mark is expert with all current media production methods including Aerial Drones, 3D Showcases and Video production. All of these are basically just different ways to obtain photos or video from different position and angles not possible with a standard digital SLR and are simply tools in any good photographers’ arsenal. The use of Post development tools like Photoshop, Lightroom and On1 is another essential skill that Mark has developed.


There are many photographers today who are skilled to one degree or another with the various digital photography equipment. The ability to take hundreds of shots in one session, plus the use of post process in software like Photoshop, allows them to cherry pick the best shots and process then further if needed. Provided they get the basics right, they will be able to produce some good photos.


In some markets, and for some properties, good photos are good enough. In other markets and with many competing properties, good photos may suffice but great photos will make it stand out from the rest. Add to this some Aerial photos and Video, Walkthrough and location videos and 3D showcases, all produced with the best photographic techniques, to really stand above everything else.


With over 45 years of experience, traditional photography training and the ability to utilize all current and any future media production methods, Mark is your best choice to get the very best marketing materials for your projects.

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